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Strengthening Skills on Mobile App

I've been using the mobile app more and more now and what I like to do is work through new lesson at the computer and practice on the mobile app when out. What I'm seeing as a problem though is its almost like every time you pick strengthen skill where the leaderboard is, it treats it like a lesson. What I mean by that is if you fail the lesson and retry the same questions get asked. I don't see why if for example if I just failed a strengthen skills lesson, having answered 20 questions, 4 in error, do I have to retry and do many of those questions I got right over again. For me it just makes sense that every time you pick "practice weak words" or "strengthen skills" it should be a "lesson" composed of a compilation of your twenty weakest phrases, words, etc., which should not include recently strengthen words including though from a just recently failed "lesson." I understand there may be a teaching tactic at play here, if so what, because it really is frustrating to have to do lesson after lesson after lesson of many of the same questions most of which I always get right. By the way this frustration at least in the mobile app is compounded by the fact that typing on a phone isn't nearly as quick as on a computer and when your using the mobile app, your more than likely mobile and at least some of the time involves being in a frustrating situation to begin with, waiting in line, stuck in traffic, waiting for a prescription........

August 8, 2013


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