Translation:Mí Aibreáin.

February 3, 2015



I don't understand when to use "mí + genitive name of month" and when to use just the name of the month. As in I don't know when to put Mí Aibreáin or just Aibreán. Please, someone, help?


I think they are interchangeable you just have to make sure you spell them right as you have above.


Why not simply "Aibreáin"?


I believe it's jus "Aibreán" then with only one i in it. The "Aibreáin" spelling i think indicates that it's genitive, so would need the "mí".


If i put in Mí I'm wrong and if i don't put it in I'm wrong ahhhh


Note the difference in spelling between Mí Aibreáin and Aibreán.


Why is it Mí Aibreáin instead of Mí Aibreán?


Abireán gets put into the genitive case. It's something like "The month of April"

[deactivated user]

    The question is what is the Irish for April, yet the month alone without the word 'month' is marked wrong. Are 'month of April' and 'April' interchangeable or not?


    Note the difference between Aibreán and Aibreáin.

    Aibreáin with a slender ending is the genitive of Aibreán (broad ending). You must use the genitive Aibreáin after , and the nominative Aibreán on its own.

    Aibreán and Mí Aibreáin should both be accepted as correct. Aibreáin is incorrect.

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