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Learning to listen - Repeat the Speech segment

Many like me are focusing on understanding the perceived fast rate of Spanish speech. To do this I keep my eyes closed when I press RETURN to begin each test part so that I do not see any written Spanish and so must rely only on my ears to get the meaning. Can we please connect the RETURN button to repeating any speech segment where there is nothing in the answer box. It should be fairly easy as at the moment the RETURN button is dead unless the answer box is occupied. I do realize I can click the radio button to do this but this means seeing the Spanish next to it, which defeats the object. May I say that this will enhance the learning experience for all those using Duolingo to converse as opposed to read write....

August 8, 2013



Press Ctrl+Spacebar


I do the same thing, closing my eyes or looking away so that I have to hear the sentence before I see it. Then I can compare what I thought I heard to what was said by looking at the text. I think it really helps. As RKSMT said, ctrl+spacebar will replay it.

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