"They are not eating the chicken."

Translation:De äter inte kycklingen.

February 3, 2015

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A wors of the wise to people using a tablet or something: download the Swedish keyboard, it makes it easier to type å,ö,ä, etc. and it saves you from autocorrect messing you up.


So is it wrong to say "de" instead of that confusing "dom"?


Yes, it is basically wrong. What's confusing is more the spelling, not the pronunciation, since people are more likely to understand you if you pronounce things right. It's like pronouncing "though" as "tuh-how-guh" instead of the 'confusing' pronunciation of "tho". Formally, de is pronounced closer to how it's written, which is why the spelling refuses to change, but generally, it'll be a lot easier if you just get used to the "dom" pronunciation.

Academia Cervena has a great video on how this came about (as well as dem, which is also usually pronounced "dom") here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ld9ieozJ-ws



It's not wrong, just non-standard. Some dialects and older people do use the de pronunciation.


Thank you for correcting me on that. I had seen that it could be pronounced differently, but seeing as we're learning standard southern Swedish here I decided to go with how it is usually pronounced. I guess an example in English would be pronouncing "what" and "whine" as "hwat" and "hwine", right?


Yes, that works as an example. I'm sure there are better ones, but I can't come up with any at the moment.

Also, I would probably just say "standard Swedish", since "southern" would include many dialects that do not sound like standard Swedish at all. Pronunciation actually varies quite a lot, and Scanian sounds nothing like Gothenburgian, which sounds nothing like the Uppsala dialect, etc.


It still says "dey" instead of "dom" for me. Hopefully it's fixed soon, I really think it's vital for the TTS to be accurate.


We're having an A/B test and this means you're in the group that still has the old voice. Hopefully the new voice will win so everybody will get it, at least we think it's better than the old one, but it may take some time.


Unfortunately, the 'de' word is still being read as "de" and not "dom". At least it is for me.


God I read it as "They are not eating the children", noticed its actually chicken in the last moment :D


I speak swedish ar home so i put dom äter inte kyckling but apparently it has to be de

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Both “de” and “dom” are allowed. You missed the “the” I.e. the swedish sentence needs to be “kycklingen”

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