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TTS Upgrade?

I think the TTS software has been updated (or am I imagining it?)!

The best bit is that it pronounces "De" as "Dom"! Check out an example here.

Thanks for the continued hard work and dedication Team Swedish.

EDIT: This may be a A/B test, so you may not be able to hear the change.

February 3, 2015



Yes, I can confirm that this is an A/B test. Rooting for the new voice! :)


the new voice is wonderful!


The new voice is a little lower, and much smoother and easier to understand. Big improvement!


It seems that the new TTS, which is named Astrid from ivona is still in a A/B test, therefore not available for everyone. You can check that by pressing F12 (usging Chrome), enter duo.user.attributes.ab_options, and search for "swedish_tts_experiment"


One has to go to the console to type that in (via the button with the right arrow and three lines at the top right of the box that opens after f12). I say this because it took me a little while to find.


Sorry, my bad. I should have said press Ctrl+Shift+J, which would show the console directly.


I like it. I noticed the "dom" pronunciation of "de" right away, and then realized it sounded lower. It seems like better quality. After one lesson, I haven't noticed any of those cases where it sounds like two people talking at once.


I'm glad I got the new voice. It sounds LOADS better!


I LOVE IT. Not only does it sound closer to real speech (as far as I can tell from watching Swedish videos and such), it's just a smoother, more high quality sound. I do Duolingo on headphones and occasionally the previous voice would get kind of grating.

And I can definitely hear everything a LOT more clearly, especially similar consonants.

Thank you thank you thank you!


So lovely! Makes me think of Cate Blanchett's Galadriel.


I just noticed when I did my first lesson today! That's great, thank you to Team Swedish and Team Duolingo!


I noticed, and was very confused for a moment about the 'de' as 'dom'... did not know that that was a thing :-/ But I really like the new voice in general. Sounds more natural, I guess.


WHEN I HEARD I WAS LIKE WHAAAAAAAAAAT. So excited about this! Yay Astrid!


Any chance of keeping both? - The old one was faster, but louder. This one is slower, but I had to turn my sound up another 20 points (could be just because it is deeper and that gets negated easier in an open office).
Although, I do think a random chance of either voice could help with not getting used to how one is speaking.


Indeed, the volume on the new one is a tad low compared to the duolingo noises.


It's much more metered. Now I have to get my ears tuned to the right pronunciations, I'll still probably do better than under the old voice though.


I just clicked on it and the TTS is still pronouncing "de" incorrectly for me.


Perhaps it's an A/B test then. I am definitely hearing "dom".


I guess they tend to A/B test almost any changes they make. Glad to hear that a possible solution is in place for this. Thanks for posting.


Gah! I'm not in any of the cool A/B tests right now :(


It is taking me a while to tune my ears to the new voice/pronouciations/prosody, but I think it is a good change as it is more accurate and so will help with listening to native speakers.


I love the new TTS! I find it far closer to real Swedish speech and it's much nicer to listen to!


I love the new voice. It sounds more natural, and it's easier for me to repeat after this voice, than the previous one.


Well, this thread is probably abandoned, but I'll try here first before starting a new topic. The new, new TTS voice has been out for a couple of weeks now (good bye, Astrid from the Uppsala area!). I'm noticing many pronunciation differences between the new voice and Astrid. For example, Astrid generally pronounced 'mig' as 'may' and the new voice pronounces the same word as 'me.' All of the 'sounds likes' are in Americanish. Does anyone know what region the new voice is from?

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