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  5. "Ela bebe uma lata de leite."

"Ela bebe uma lata de leite."

Translation:She drinks a can of milk.

August 8, 2013



Curiosity: I've never seen milk being sold in cans.


I've seen it. Particularly condensed milk, or coconut milk or other types of milk that we use in cooking. I don't think your average cow's milk would ever be sold in a can though.


You got me there....


or powdered milk. Ele bebe uma lata de leite (em pó) por semana. (we usually don't add "em pó")


Thank you, this makes more sense! I just couldn't picture anyone drinking straight from a can of condensed milk. Here, if they are not drinking out of the can, but it describes where the milk comes from, we would be more likely to say "She drinks canned milk." or "She drinks a glass of powdered milk from a can." We'd probably say "We go through a can of milk a week." It is totally interesting how it is said in Portuguese.

Yet, it is not so far off, we do say "They drank a bottle of wine." and we mean they drank the whole bottle, but they probably used wine glasses. So, we are talking about quantity, rather than container used.

In the US, it is common for children to drink small cartons of milk. Baby formula comes powdered in cans here, but regular powdered milk comes in boxes. Fresh milk can come in bottles or waxed cardboard cartons. In Canada, it can come in plastic sacks straight from the milking machines of the dairy, which you put in a special pitcher to hold it and snip the corner off to pour into your cup or glass.

My question to you is about the containers. Does "lata" only ever mean "can" or "tin" or can it mean box, or can it mean carton? If not, what would the words be for those?

I'm back. Thank you so much for the information below.


And lata is always a metal container, probaly a can or tin.

Box is "caixa" (mainly made of cardboard or carton)

Cardboard is "papelão", but we use this word only for the material, not meaning the container. A box made out of cardboard would be called "caixa" or "caixa de papelão".

Bottle is "garrafa"

Plastic or glass containers, square or round, usually shorter than a bottle and wider, without necks are called "pote/potes"


AWow...many interesting points. In Brazil powered milk usually comes in cans, but also in sacks (packages). As for the milk itself, there is more than one type. Milk in Brazil is classified into three categories: A, B and C (for more info on it, you can look up on the internet)l. The best one is classified as A and it you find it mainly in cardboard cartons or plastic bottles. The other types you usually find in plastic sacks. In small cartons of milk you find chocolate milk or some vitamin =)


Yeah but how would she drink that?


When someone says that we automatically know the person had to prepare the milk in order to drink it.


Thanks for your explanation, I was certain it was "leite condensado", and it was weird. But it's still weird to use "drink" for uma lata de leite em pó, in my opinion.


But in this case we don't drink them, we use them for cooking?

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Hahahaha!!! I have never seen the milk in cans too.


in my two years in brazil, i dont think i ever heard it said like that. if it is, it is certainly not the most common or generally-regarded-as-correct way to say it


Yes,here in Brazil we don't drink milk in cans! We drink in cups.


That's the problem with these courses, they use sentences that you are never going to hear in real life. What's the point?


For other sentences, I advocate Duolingo, people are lacking imagination sometimes, but here, the sentence is confusing, and maybe just clumbsy


When I was young and I lived in a village, we always went to the farm with cans to get fresh milk. Maybe it's the same in brasil as in Germany?


Yes, maybe in some rural area =)


Do they mean a carton of milk?


I can't imagine that would taste very good...


I try to listen to it and see if I can understand before I look at the words and I cant. Does anyone have any tips on how I can better understand Portuguese conversationally? :)


Why saying milk can is wrong? Can of Milk for example tuna can is fine normally you don't say a can of tuna


Mmmmm canned milk, my fav


Lata de leite?? Isto não é comum no Brasil

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