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Always the same sentences when I strengthen skills

Ok, of course it can be useful because you might learn it faster, but it gets really annoying after a while and it's demotivating because I get the feeling I only learn these sentences good enough. I get like 4 times the same sentence, or even more. Can't Duolingo do something about it?

February 3, 2015



I sometimes get this too. I get it in lessons as well where you get like three of the same in a row. I hope it can be fixed!


Yeah, this is troubling, and also it doesn't stop even when you finish the lesson, if you try a new one, a lot of the same words are just being repeated, it doesn't seem to strengthen your whole amount of knowledge and experience, and the flash cards are also repeated again and again, so it becomes so difficult to strengthen your skills, because it's the same thing on repeat. Can the staff please fix this, because this is becoming a real pain.....


I just did a whole "Strengthen Skills" session on "I am sorry", and another on the word for, "Wedding", and yet another on, "Apples"!


I practiced on ten sentences of "I have a bowl" or a variation on that. It happens quite often to me, that the practice skill function get "stuck" on one phrase... I wonder why it happens, and it is quite annoying.


That has nothing to do with it. I just did a strengthen test and it was all just about ties and uncles. It's got nothing to do with "practice again", i do multiple tests every day and they're all like that on strengthen. Two weeks ago it was a lot more varied, maybe around 6-7 different words per test but now it's changed.


Haha. Same here. El escritorio. Every. freaking. time.


Dude... that friggin' desk. I get it. It's 'el escritorio'. Enough already! It seems to be the only thing that never changes about my exercises.


Mine is "la busqueda". I think I got it wrong a few times in the past and now the owl never believes that I learned it >.<


Yes, is there a way that we can practice the recent lessons that we just learned, without having to go through all the earlier lessons? Perhaps, if you've tested out of a series of lessons, the strengthening skills can then only apply to the new lessons?


yeah i have this problem too, it only focuses on three words not the whole seven


yes! i've also had this problem in the last few days. it's annoying as hell to do strengthen now


make sure in your settings that you click YES to all links. this will give a broader array of sentences. Also when strengthening skills, after completing that skill, hit the 'Practice Again' button, this will give more variety of words and sentences.

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