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Must the student have an e-mail address? I'm helping new immigrants.

I volunteer at the local elementary school one afternoon per week, to help new arrivals (Spanish speakers, 4th & 5th grade) learn English. Because of their precarious financial state, none of them have access to internet, and no means to get to the local library. Their classroom typically has two computers which the students may have a turn on, a couple times a week. I want to set them up on DuoLingo for English instruction beyond my tutoring sessions with them, so they can practice when it's their turn on the classroom computer.

Obviously they don't have e-mail addresses, nor does anyone in their family. Is there a way they can participate in Duo's schools program with no e-mail address? I suppose I could set up a hotmail account for each of them; is there another way?

February 3, 2015



You should be able to use a single Gmail account to accomplish this, rather than creating individual email accounts for each student. Every Gmail account actually has infinite addresses associated with it, because Gmail ignores what comes after a "+" sign in the address. So, if you were to set up the email account elkhornstudent@gmail.com, messages sent to any of the following address would also go to that account:

  • elkhornstudent@gmail.com (regular address)
  • elkhornstudent+1@gmail.com
  • elkhornstudent+2@gmail.com
  • elkhornstudent+testing@gmail.com
  • elkhornstudent+duolingo@gmail.com
    etc etc


That worked! Thank you.


No, Duolingo now allows you to create accounts for students who don't have email addresses.

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