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"Pigen kan ikke drikke vin endnu."

Translation:The girl can't drink wine yet.

February 3, 2015



Can putting "endnu" in other places still make sense? Like "pigen kan ikke endu drikker vin" or "pigen kan endnu ikke drikke vin."


"Pigen kan endnu ikke drikke vin" should be approved.


For newcomers, the second version mentioned by retropop is correct. The word order is S (subject)-V (verb)-A (adverb), or in case of a question, it would be V-S-A.


I thought there wasn't a legal drinking age in Denmark, is that right?


There is, it's 18.


"endnu" is translated with "even" or "yet". I tried "The girl cannot even drink wine", and according to duo it's wrong. I guess "ogsa" would be the correct word for that meaning (which is a personal negative bias, I'd say)?


Endnu can be translated as "even" when used together with comparatives: "Han ønske at spise endnu mere" - "He wants to eat even more."

When negated, it translates as "not yet": "Jeg er endnu ikke færdig/Jeg er ikke færdig endnu" - "I am not ready yet."

If you want to say "not even", "ikke engang" is the way to go: "Pigen kan ikke engang drikke vin."


It is demanded to answer in Danish. Type what you hear! My own problem is, I heard two times n in vin. So I wrote vinen. I still hear two n. I am not amused! ;-D


I wrote" The girl can not yet drink wine" and that was wrong. Why???


This should be correct.

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