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Do you like Duolingo???

I think Duolingo is a marvelous place to learn, do you think the same??? 1. Is is completely free. 2. It help your vocabulary. 3. It helps your grammar. 4. It have many Languages. 5. It is a community of friends.

What do you think??? make a comment...

February 3, 2015

33 comentarios


6 . You can communicate with native persons to improve ^_^ ❤



It's funny, from my perspective I can put into practice every I learn. My favourite part is dictation and encrease my vocabulary in inmersion area.

Really this tool it has allowed me to know and improve different skills of language


I'm totally agree, but I think it could be better if they could integrate some multiplayer games in order to make this place more enjoyable and maybe to meet some more people. :)


Indeed. I started with Duolingo one month ago, learning german and english. People here helps you, not only correcting your mistakes but giving links to other sites to improve even more your skills.


I agree with you


Duoling is a place for learning your favorite lenguage, and anyone can learn from your houses. i really like it.


Yes, I agree, this that you say is true, I think the same. Duolingo is a excellent place to learn, the best site to learn languages of whole internet :D


I started recently in dulingo and today I started in the PC and it's great.. I think participate more in tha forums for learn more and more and more and later other language ;) Good luck guys ;)


of course! duolingo is perfect for all the people,i love it!


Yes I really do, because it helps me to improve my English in all the ways (writing, reading, listening and pronunciation) I love it...


I love duollingo!! :)


i'm new, but I think the same than you. And I never thought I could find a website like this, when I started I said: Oh my God, this is great!. :D jejeje! I'm learning (more) english, then I guess I'll try with French. :D


I'm totally agree


Correction: I totally agree (with you). Not "I'm".


i´m totally agree with you..


I'm totally agree with you!!


I like very much the site Duolingo, it is very practice and innovation. I will like that use in the shool why is friend by anyperson. I think this.


the best form for learn english, because is interactive and entertaiment, I like so much


I think to Duolingo its very good but the application is very hard with the idioms withuot hard words... I did study English When I was a child, thats Amazing....


yes, i like duolingo, because it is a course very easy, and very entertaining.


Hello my name is Laura and I am from Colombia and I love this product, it seems very didactic and comfortable to learn English, although I am pond in I feel very comfortable and satisfied with this course.


i agree totally. doulingo it is a place wed that help to learn other lenguagues in my case i am learning english and i not only improved my englesh but also insieris me to continue learning. i like doulingo it is great


I agree with you this webpage is really useful. I have learned a lot and I like to improve my english here


I like duolingo, it very good.


i used to live in greenville south carolina but like everything nothing is forever so this site is helping me to dont forget what i learned in usa so i recomend to everyone keep trying here because is full of english and good people that want you to learn


hablen en español por favor


It is a Wonderfull site to learn and practice English


Yes, offcourse

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