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  5. "How many boys are swimming?"

"How many boys are swimming?"

Translation:Hur många pojkar simmar?

February 3, 2015



Here the action verb is swimming so it shouldn't be " hur simmer många poykor" ?


No, you're mistaken. I think you're referring to the "V2 rule". The verb is on the second place: 'requesting pronoun part/object'+'verb'........ So it is: 'Hur många pojkar'+'simmar'+'?'.


Shouldn't we put the verb before the subject. So will this order be considered incorrect? ''Hur många simmar pojkar?'' Does the word ''många'' change the order?


I would also like clarification on this please. "Hur många simmar pojkar?" was incorrect for me in this exercise and I'd like to know why


The verb wants to be in the second position: |Hur många pojkar| |simmar|? The first three words form one unit.


Tack så mycket!


Why does många work here but not flera?


"Hur flera" would be like saying "How several"


It didn't accept my pojkarna and the right translation given was killar . What is a difference between pojkar and killar ? I thought it is boy and teenager but..


It's because you put pojkarna instead of just pojkar. It's just like in English, you can't say 'how many the boys' in English either. Unfortunately the machine doesn't always choose the best correction.

kille and pojke mean much the same but kille is slightly more colloquial, can refer to guys who are a bit older, and can mean 'boyfriend'.


I put ar simmar as the question was hur manga pojkar ar simmar I was marked wrong. Why is that ? Otherwise the literal translation whould be how many boys swim . Not are swimming.


"are swimming" and "swim" are both "simmar".


I thought in questions the verb goes first so "Simmar hur många pojkar"?

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