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Just a quick question

When I say Jag talar inte Svenska/ Jag talar Svenska


Jag talar inte Engelska/Jag talar Engelska

Is it ok to capitalize the language name? Or must they stay as svenska/engelska?

Tack så mycket!

February 4, 2015



Languages are never capitalized in Swedish. Same with nationalities, weekdays, months, holidays, titles, public institutions, among others.

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If you check out the bottom of the tips and notes section under the Common Phrases skill it has this to say about capitalization in Swedish:

"Oh, and as you have probably already noticed, we do not capitalize adjectives, nationalities or languages (only countries). Unless they happen to come first in the sentence, of course."

I can't speak to the acceptability of capitalizing them regardless, but it looks like not capitalizing them is more typical (unless beginning a sentence).


@DogePamyuPamyu I don't really trust google translate sorry. I'd rather hear from someone who has personal knowledge of Svenska. But thanks for the reply!

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