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"O turismo cultural é também muito importante."

Translation:Cultural tourism is also very important.

August 8, 2013



The cultural tourism is also very important


that is what i had....


I wrote that as well. Could someone explain why that's wrong?


"The" is not really necessary, but I used it when translating, "accepted". The reason I used "the" is because we are speaking about a specific tourism. Not necessary or required.


In English, we don't need to write 'The' to start this sentence. We would however need 'The' if 'industry' or 'sector' came after cultural tourism.


I have been an English speaker all my life and an English teacher for many years and I see nothing wrong with using "The" to start this sentence.


same for me, i do not get why the article should not be there.


In English, when we want to refer to something in a general sense, we don't use an article.

If someone does uses an article in such a case, it's a dead giveaway that they're a non-native speaker. So if you want to sound like a native speaker, this is one trick that will go a long way.

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