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Dates on the dashboard?

Since I create specific homework tasks in Duolingo for my high school students, I'd sure appreciate it if the DL engineers could add to the dashboard the date when users accomplished a certain task. Homework assignments have due dates and our school accepts late work, but students lose 10% for every day late. A public high school I worked for previously just did not accept late work at all. So you see how important it is to know when a lesson or a practice session was done. So far I've been compensating this lack of info by saving the webpage, but it's so tedious and it takes up a lot of space. It looks like there's plenty of room on the dashboard to include that information. If you're a teacher and you agree, please add your comment below!

February 4, 2015



We're adding this very soon!


Thank you Luis! :) To show my appreciation, I'll give you a symbolic gift of ten lingots. <3 :)


I'm really happy to hear that. Also, thanks for withdrawing the percentages when we completed a lesson with more than 17 tries.


Yes, please add dates to the dashboard.


Knowing when students earned XP's would also be really helpful!


Excellent! Yes, please, DL team, add the dates to the dashboard.


Yes, I agree! Please add dates and also make it so we can easily see their all-time total xp points (rather than week by week). That would be awesome.


Dates would be great. I give daily XP goals on days we do DL, but unless I have time to immediately put the information in my grade book, I can't keep track of how many points they accumulated on which day. I give a weekly participation grade for getting the daily points.


This is a great idea. I am glad they will be adding it.


Dates would be a good idea.


That's awesome! I'm glad you agree. :)


Agreed. I would also love to be able to "push" an assignment to my students.


This would be great for me as a teacher! I'd also personally like it for me the student, too!


Fraulturner, they did add a datestamp tot the dashboard. :)


I don't see a datestamp on mine yet. I know you can see and select the weeks when students have completed exercises, but it doesn't tell you the day.

An exact time stamp would be very helpful. I'm hoping for that SOON. =).

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