Alliance Française

Ok, so, I finally had my first class at the Alliance today and it was awesome! We spent the first 10-20 minutes doing a placement test to find which class we were in (which was good because I was higher than I expected). I was put in the A1-A2 class which was surprising!

It was pretty challenging because everything was in French (well unless one of us wanted to discuss something but couldn't be bothered to translate). It was really awesome and really intense; I had to remember every word from my vocab to keep up.

Overall it was fabulous and I really recommend anyone considering joining to join (it's really engaging, they ask everyone questions in French and you have to reply to the best of your ability in French.) Oh and my class was 2 hrs- 4-6pm :D

February 4, 2015


I was about to say you already posted this yesterday, but I see that discussion's been deleted. Strange! This seems like an entirely appropriate topic for the DL forums.

Anyway, I'm glad you had such a good time at the Alliance. I've never taken classes with them, but I improved my French quite a lot just by turning up to their social events. A very different experience to French in school, partly because everybody at the Alliance actually wanted to be there :-).

February 4, 2015

Haha I deleted it! I wanted to repost because of the time zones and practically nobody saw it, but thanks for your concern anyway! :D I actually had French at school today and let me just say, I totally agree. Also, adding to that, at the Alliance it's my level so I'm actually learning :D Sometimes I repost my discussions so people from different time zones can see them :D

February 4, 2015

Aliance Francais is wonderful! I'm in my fourth course (A2.4) and I just love them.

February 7, 2015

After finishing my French tree, I started taking classes at the Alliance as well. I didn't take the placement test, but I put myself in the A2 course. I feel like it's a good fit, and I'm learning a lot. I have a great teacher, and it's been really useful for getting immediate feedback. Unfortunately, the classes are so expensive that I'm going to stop after this semester (my second). I'm going to work on my French on my own and possibly take another class down the road (hopefully skipping a few levels in between).

February 4, 2015

I went there too a few years ago and I really liked it too. I got 2 different teachers per week so I could hear different accents and I loved the fact that the library there (in Chicago) was free for members so I got to see and read a lot of French movies and books!

I also love the fact that it's in many areas. I used to live in the country of Lesotho (in southern Africa), and there was an Alliance Francaise there as well!

February 5, 2015
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