"A professional job"

Translation:Ett professionellt arbete

February 4, 2015

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why isn't "en professionell jobb" accepted?


For indefinite singular, you have common gender: "professionell" and neuter gender: "professionellt". We see the indefinite neuter article "Ett" in the sentence, so we are sure which to use. "Professionella" would be the plural form of the word, so would be used with "arbetena"; it's also the definite form (except when masculine gender) so it would be used with "arbetet", but not with "arbete".


Is there any difference between 'arbete' and 'jobb'?


Not in what they mean, but jobb is a little bit more colloquial.


It sounds like in this one, the TTS voice uses a "sh" sound for the "ss", whereas all other instances of "professionell" (which may have all been different declensions) I've come across used the "sj" sound. Is this a quirk of this particular declension, are both pronunciations valid or is something up with the TTS voice in this case?


That's what I came here to ask.


I only hear the "sj" sound on my system, although I didn't try the turtle speed version. Also, I hear it again here:


Is "ett professionellt yrke" wrong or does it have a different meaning? Duolingo says it's wrong.


i think job and profession are a bit different in meaning


Why is professionell job not accepted?


Ett professionelt jobb should be accepted. While job without the second b will quite sure be handled just as a typo in Duolingo, the missing t at the end of professionell will be handled as a grammar issue since jobb is neutrum (an ett-word) and the declension of the adjective has to follow the noun's gender then.

Regards / Hälsningar


Isn't a job professional by default. Sounds a bit double

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