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Applications to Português de Viva Voz, a study program of Portuguese for Foreigners, are now open at Universidade Aberta, the single public distance education university in Portugal.

Learning activities take place exclusively online. The program lasts for 52 hours, the equivalent of 10 regular school weeks. The starting date is scheduled for March 9.

The target audience are adults with or without prior formal academic instruction who wish to acquire, develop or consolidate communication competences in Portuguese.

The course Português de Viva Voz is built around an autonomous learning environment which combines the advantages of e-learning technologies within a conception of plural communicative competencies where the different aspects - it is composed of linguistic, sociocultural and discourse-pragmatic - are integrated.

Priority is given to the spoken language and to its use in everyday contexts, connecting learning with those situations and circumstances to which it may be applied.

Many of the proposed activities have been conceived of as games and challenges for the learner (incorporating ludic elements such as automatic feedback, progress charts, the adding of points and virtual rewards). Detailed information is available at the presentation form and at the course guide (…/10…/b4b62a61-e0ee-4b6e-945d-31af0defa0c3)

Application form: Come and learn Portuguese with us. Invest in yourself!


February 4, 2015

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Sounds good, but 100 euros is way out of my league! Thanks for sharing anyway!

February 4, 2015
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