A level glitch?

So a few minutes ago when I read my comments it showed my level of German was 12 and Portuguese 6. But the thing is I never got to 12 level in any language and I also never got to level 6 of Portuguese. My actual level of German is 11 and it shows so when I click on my profile. My level of Portuguese is 5 from English and 3 from the Spanish course and those are the only Portuguese trees I have, so, how is it that in my comment it showed I had a level 6?? Something like this also used to happen before with English. Days ago, it showed a level 11 when my level was actually 10 at the time. In the screen cap I posted it says level 5 but that's the level of my English for Russian speakers tree. My English from Spanish one is at level 11 right now. But I thought the maximum level was the one supposed to be shown, can anyone confirm if that's true?? My theory was that Duolingo counts both of my German levels (nine from Spanish and eleven from English) and that's why it ends up as 12. So I decided to remove my German from Spanish tree to see if that changed anything. And it did Now everything is accurate but I wonder how is it that Portuguese changed from 6 to 5 level when I never removed it. This kind of stuff happens to me all the time, levels change with no apparent reason. What is happening??

February 4, 2015


Which level do you know that you have in German

I don't really have this problem (then again, I don't usually pay attention), but did you completely remove or start over your German tree now? Because I can't see your German flag in either of your posts.

No, that's the crazy thing. I didn't remove German from all my languages, I still have the German from English at level 11. Strange.

and know when I see this comment the German flag appears again .-. I don't even know anymore

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