"Det gör ont att hoppa från den tredje våningen."

Translation:It hurts to jump from the third floor.

February 4, 2015

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surely it is only on reaching the ground that hurts? :)


What is the third floor in Swedish by the way? Is it A or B on my diagram?

<pre> A B 3rd 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd ____Ground_____ 1st____ </pre>


Sadly, both those systems are used in Sweden, so you can never be quite sure. It's different in different buildings. (I think A is more common though).


disgruntled engineer's groan


Is there no language with a logical and consistent floor numbering system?


Well, I think most languages have a floor numbering system that is logical and consistent taken for itself. For example in Germany only system A is used which for me is completely logical. Problems start when communicating with people from other countries that have different numbering systems and aren't familiar with yours. (Or when you learn a lot of languages and get confused ;-) )


It must be dangerous to practice bungee jumping in Sweden.


It's probably because I am using the mobile app that I can't see the diagram but I assure you that in Germany both systems are used. One for staircases and lifts (ground floor - 1st floor - 2nd floor...) and one is used by people.


English has that, it just has two of them — one in the US, one in the UK and most other places…


indeed, I just realised that the ground floor is labelled 1 in my student nation a week ago.


Mine is labelled ”zero” but I call it ”first floor”.


I get the feeling your diagram no longer works here.


This sentence seems weird to me as a native speaker. It would be better to say 'It is dangerous to jump from the third floor.' One can die doing this.


So the direction of the jump is implied here? I got the impression that Swedish treats direction very explicitly, hoppa upp/ner fran. Would it be correct to say "Det gör ont att hoppa från taket" or ".. från en träd", where there is no explicit direction?


I wrote "jumping from the third floor hurts" and it was rejected, why?


Seems like a fine translation - I'll add that. :)


I wrote "jump down" - since jumping up wouldnt hurt. I know that "down" isnt in the Swedish sentence but ist should be a fine translation nontheless.


Only if you don't have wings.


You dont say

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