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  5. "I do not remember her name."

"I do not remember her name."

Translation:Non ricordo il suo nome.

August 8, 2013



why is it not La Sua? is il suo not "his" and la sua "hers"?


No, the possessive is an adjective and as such is flected according to the noun it refers to, not the owner ;) It can be hers, his or its.


hmmm. why is Non ricordo suo nome' marked wrong?

Mukapazza posted earlier the three rules where you need to use the article (plural nouns, modified nouns, and 'loro' nouns. None of the three rules seem to apply here, so I left out the 'il' and wrote 'Non ricordo suo nome' and was marked wrong.

(edit) as f. formica kindly points out below, the pronoun needs to be used here (because it is not a close family relationship like 'sua sorella'), and the three rules I list above are exceptions to the close fam. relationship rule.


My understanding is the only time you don't need the article in possessives is when it's a very close family member.


What xyphax listed are the exceptions to this rule; the article is also omitted in many idiomatic locutions (e.g. casa mia, a mio avviso, a sua immagine), and it's optional when the possessive is a predicate (i.e. alone after essere).


Can anyone please explain when the verb 'ricordare' is used reflexively, 'ricordarsi'? Can they both be used to say one remembers. So are "(Io) ricordo..." and "Mi ricordo..." synonymous? I wanted to ask it earlier but didn't remember!


You can use ricordarsi, but remember it's ricordarsi di.

Mi ricordo del suo nome.


Thanks! That explains it.

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