"One does not eat horses."

Translation:Man spiser ikke heste.

February 4, 2015



Add some onion and... I almost walked right into that one. No, of course not! That would be wrong! You shouldn't eat horses!

Oblivion, anyone?

February 4, 2015

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Horse steak really tastes good.

June 6, 2015


Especially with Marmite

June 21, 2015


Tell that to Ikea - and all the others who mixed horse into the beef

August 25, 2015


To whoever wrote this task: You probably had some without knowing, too. When it's all blended, you don't even notice.

August 27, 2016


Difference between 'man' vs 'én'?

March 30, 2016

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Man spiser ikke heste sounds more descriptive to me, whereas En spiser ikke heste is more a rule or a commandment. Anyway, that is my gut feeling (which is heavily influenced by my native Dutch).

March 31, 2016


Man is used as a subject, én as an object

June 11, 2018


Not unless you are very hungry......

February 8, 2017


It is in fact a pretty normal thing to eat horses in many places...

June 22, 2018


"If wishes were horses, we'd be eating steak every day!"

May 31, 2016


Here, have a lingot for your avatar. ♥

September 5, 2017


I haven't seen the word man used for one before, why is it here?

November 25, 2016


Just as in German, 'man' (not 'mand') is the acceptable way to use a subjuct when you have no idea who it is, or you don't want to say it, maybe avoiding admitting it's you.

The other option is passive voice, I.e. "Horses aren't eaten": "Heste SpiseS ikke". Danish uses passive quite often, maybe because it is such an easy construction, switching the r to an s, but it can sometimes can cause confusion.

From my experience, using "én" is old-fashioned, but probably still common in some dialects, but not seen in written language, except in a quote, of course. My husband and I are watching an old TV comedy series from 1970+ "Huset på Christianshavn" (no subtitles, unfortunately), where at least one character, "Meyer", uses én instead of "jeg". I think my Danish svigerfar, en bonde fra Randersegn, born around 1910, also used én this way.

November 25, 2016


Why not? Horse is delicious!

February 22, 2017


the swedes do

February 26, 2017


Man spiser ikke dyr.

May 13, 2018


En fecking gør

March 20, 2019


In what regard are pigs more acceptable?

February 16, 2019
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