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"Det bor en mus i min garderob."

Translation:There is a mouse living in my closet.

February 4, 2015



Can the word order be something like this: En mus bor i min garderob?


That's a slightly different sentence (a mouse lives in my closet), but it's grammatically correct.


How about "Det finns en mus som bor i min garderob"? Does it sound natural at all?


That literally means "There exists a mouse who lives in my closet".

To my ears that sounds like you're taking about a hypothetical certainty. So I guess that's natural in some contexts, but not this one.


Thanks for the answer.

That's just how I would naturally form the sentence in my head kind using other Germanic languages as a basis.


Why not "There is a mouse that lives in my closet"?

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Why is "There is a mouse living in my cupboard" considered incorrect. As an Australian English speaker, I never say closet.


What do you call a tiny room off a hallway or room for storing linens? In Canada, that is always a closet. A cupboard here is usually a cabinet mounted high on the wall or from the ceiling, though cupboard is also still used for the original piece of furniture for holding dishware, etc. I ask because I am curious about the words used for things in other places.

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A tiny room off the hallway could be called a storage room but if it is used to store linen, it would usually be called a linen cupboard. We use cupboard for everything. Our clothes cupboards, kitchen cupboards, linen cupboards, bathroom cupboards, etc. A cupboard in Australia can be built-in or free standing (for example, it could be built-in within a wall recess or under stairs, built-in wall-to-wall, attached to the kitchen/bathroom walls or any size free-standing).


Interesting. Thank you :)


Actually there are 3, I have a large walk in closet that I use as a mouse room...


We say wardrobe, not closet or cabinet. I'm learning Swedish not American.

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