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"Det bor en mus i min garderob."

Translation:There is a mouse living in my closet.

February 4, 2015



Can the word order be something like this: En mus bor i min garderob?


That's a slightly different sentence (a mouse lives in my closet), but it's grammatically correct.


Why not "There is a mouse that lives in my closet"?

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Why is "There is a mouse living in my cupboard" considered incorrect. As an Australian English speaker, I never say closet.


What do you call a tiny room off a hallway or room for storing linens? In Canada, that is always a closet. A cupboard here is usually a cabinet mounted high on the wall or from the ceiling, though cupboard is also still used for the original piece of furniture for holding dishware, etc. I ask because I am curious about the words used for things in other places.

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A tiny room off the hallway could be called a storage room but if it is used to store linen, it would usually be called a linen cupboard. We use cupboard for everything. Our clothes cupboards, kitchen cupboards, linen cupboards, bathroom cupboards, etc. A cupboard in Australia can be built-in or free standing (for example, it could be built-in within a wall recess or under stairs, built-in wall-to-wall, attached to the kitchen/bathroom walls or any size free-standing).


Interesting. Thank you :)


How about "Det finns en mus som bor i min garderob"? Does it sound natural at all?


That literally means "There exists a mouse who lives in my closet".

To my ears that sounds like you're taking about a hypothetical certainty. So I guess that's natural in some contexts, but not this one.


Thanks for the answer.

That's just how I would naturally form the sentence in my head kind using other Germanic languages as a basis.


Actually there are 3, I have a large walk in closet that I use as a mouse room...


For erveryone who speaks Portuguese, garderob is a very easy word to memorize: it is very similar to guarda-ropa (closet)!


Why "there is a mouse in my closet" is incorrect? I'm asking it 'couse "det ligger" and "det står" are often translated as "there is".


Because in this case it's more in the sense that There is [living]. Det ligger and Det står are more like It "lies" and It "stands".

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