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  5. "Vi är på andra sidan."

"Vi är andra sidan."

Translation:We are on the other side.

February 4, 2015



Hallå från den andra sidan.


why is it not "den andra sidan"?


Exactly, I want to know the same.


Could you also use "på andra sidan" to mean the other side of an issue?


Thats usually "å ena sidan/å andra sidan". "å" is an older form meaning "på" but is still used in a few fixed expressions, like this.


Time to get the ouija board with ä, å, and ö characters out.


Why not "We are on the other page"?


Sida can be both page and side, and you would really need to get from the context if you are speaking about the other side of a river or if you were talking about pages in a book.

When talking about pages "Vi är på andra sidan" would most likely be interpreted as "We are on the second page." whereas you would probably use "Vi är på den andra sidan." to mean the other page in this case and still need to have a context where it would make sense to talk about the other side as opposed to the .second side.


Totally agree, I even found a note in the incubator from myself stating more or less exactly what you said. We are on the second page is accepted.


I answered "page" in the sense of "on the same page" meaning "in agreement". Do I take it that is not an expression in Swedish?


As in the afterlife...?


The sentence I got just before this was "De är på samma sida". Why does "sida" change to "sidan"?


Because it's the definitive form of the noun sida.


Yes, I understand that. I thought both required the definite form.


So, what's the difference between "andra" and "annan/annat" ?


I'm not a native speaker, but I can answer this.

Andra - Plural / definite form. Sidan is definite, so that's the one used in this sentence.

Annan - For common gender (en words). You would use this if you said, en annan sida.

Annat - For neuter gender (ett words). You would use this if you said, for example, ett annat hus.

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