"Sverige kommer på andra plats."

Translation:Sweden comes in second place.

February 4, 2015

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Men först i mitt hjärta!


...efter Finland ;-)


I just finished Julien Bourrelle's "The Social Guidebook to Sweden" where he discusses "Equality" wherein he states "There is a shared understanding that the strong shall help the weak so that all stand equal at the end" and has a picture of a 1st, 2nd, 3rd place podium with everyone standing on the 2nd place step, lol!


Andra is second?


Is this the present tense? Does it mean "Sweden is currently in 2nd place" or is it past tense meaning "Sweden finished in 2nd place"?


It's present tense, but it's more like either the race is still going on but finishing up and announcing it as Sweden crosses the finish line 2nd.


Okay thanks for the speedy response! So would "Sweden is (currently) in 2nd place" simply be "Sverige är i andra plats"?


At least I'm getting better now at understanding the Swedish accent, because without context some of these sentences are konstig.


Hnh. I had trouble with this 3 years ago, and I'm still having trouble with it. Why say another when you mean second? Anyway, I'm not trying to win any prizes. I just enjoy learning Swedish even if I never seem to make much progress!


"andra" also means second. "Hon är min andra fru." doesn't mean "She is my other wife" obviously !!!!
If you don't mind a bit of advice, the only way to make progress is to increase the amount of time you practice each day.


That and master every preposition and its exact placement. The fastest way to do this is to kidnap a Swede and hold them hostage until they share the magic of their language. Otherwise, you can never master Swedish.


Let's not confuse two different points. My advice was for making progress in Swedish, not mastering Swedish. There is absolutely no question that you will never make progress in a language without a lot of practice. Anyone who has ever become fluent in another language knows this. It's not magic: it's hard work. My response was to someone who was experiencing frustration over a lack of progress, not mastery: "not trying to win any prizes" he or she wrote.

Mastering Swedish is a different issue.

As kidnapping a Swede is likely to get you in legal trouble, you may want to consider instead moving to Sweden and marrying (or hooking up with) a sexy Swede instead. Just a suggestion to keep you out of prison, and likely far more entertaining for you than having lonely Big Bubba as your cellmate.


Why isn't it på annan plats or på den andra platsen instead?


If only I had started Duolingo 4 years ago, I would have made a fortune by betting on Women's World Cup! /.\


Right!? I was exactly thinking of their victory over Brasil... in Brasil (what an achievement!). But at the Olympics, not the World Cup. I have high hopes they'll do better at the next Olympics. Bronze in the 2019 World Cup wasn't too shabby, either. Inte andra men ändå bra!


Så är det om du tittar på längdåkning :)


Det här är ett lustigt skämt! Sverige är alltid först. ;)


Why not "andra platsen"?

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