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New and improved Italian tree!

Today all of you Italian language learners will get a new Italian tree! Over the past few weeks, we tested these updates with about 25% of all Duolingo Italian learners. We've made some changes based on what we discovered and improved the language learning experience as a result. :)

So, what have we added?

  • More useful words such as: benzina = gas/gasoline (for your car); liceo = high school; coraggio = courage; and of course... gelato = ice-cream :)

  • Common phrases such as: Where does this bus go? or Nice to meet you!

What have we modified?

  • Combined the SIZES and MEASUREMENTS skills.

  • Moved certain words to skills where they make more sense.

What have we gotten rid of?

  • The ‘congiuntivo trapassato’ skill, a particularly advanced subjunctive tense that isn’t essential.

  • Words that we’ve found aren’t as important as the new vocab we’ve included: espansione (expansion), vertice (peak), and others.

If you've finished the Italian tree, you’ll notice that you'll have to return to some skills where we’ve added lessons and complete the new additions to the tree. It means more practice and learning for you. As always, please let us know your thoughts!

August 8, 2013



Bring back my congiuntivo trapassato!


i'll Third that


"Per favore" ;) The congiuntivo trapassato was a doozy. It is useful to have challenging grammar to practise, and satisfying to finally achieve it, but it was problematic. There are so many potential translations in English that I found I had to write down some of Duo's in order to pass it in a timely manner. Having said that, I would quite like to be able to re-visit it to help my fluency with it. Hopefully since then it has had more input from users.


I couldn't agree more.


What is a "doozy"?


Why would they get rid of a whole verb tense?


Yes, please!


Yeah! Time to get to Work!


Somebody stole my trophy!! But actually I'm glad to have concrete goals to work towards again :)


Duolingo is awesome.


Hey, you only just realized that? ;)


Gelato for congiuntivo trapassato - that's a fair swap! Mille grazie!


When do we get Italian speaking exercises?


I'm confused, why would you want to get rid of words?


One of the skill sets toward the end of the tree was for a verb form that's less frequently used. It's still important to learn, but its absence is less likely to cripple you in a conversation.


Just one lesson and I get the "skill completed" fanfare. Awesome!


my thoughts exactly =P


Is it possible to return the 'congiuntivo trapassato' skill and perhaps make it optional? This would enable the serious language learners to grapple with the challenges they desire and leave the dabblers to practice their 'nice to meet you' phrases to their hearts' content.


Wow. I finished my lesson and suddenly there were multiple holes in my previous lessons! I am eager to see how the new lessons work, and if they prepare me for the more difficult concepts that are upcoming.


Considering they just said they swapped out difficult grammar and higher level words for less grammar and lower level words, how would you consider them as "more difficult concepts"?


I think he meant he finished one chapter and you thought he meant the whole tree. If this is true I know what both of you are saying better than yourselves - which is unlikely.


Awesome, even more Italian to work with. Thanks for all the hard work over there!


Awesome! At first I was a bit taken aback, but now I am enjoying the new lessons as I review my skills.


Thanks for the update. A lot of these do seem important to know, though "pinguino" got a laugh out of me.


All my skills were gold. And now they're not :( Back to work!


Thanks, certainly finding the earlier lessons quick to get through which shows how much I ave learned, but I've already forgotten the word for bed sheets!


You'll have to go back and practice :)


yes, please bring back the congiuntivo trapassato!


Great, thanks for the improvements!


This explains the numerous holes in my super-well-tended Italian tree!!! I am grateful for the thoughtful improvements, but it was a shock...


I had the same reaction. And I had given until the end of the month to go through it. But I got through those new lessons and get stronger for it. :)


Thank you! Realize that I have improved my Italian when going back and repeating or doing the new lessons. Awesome...Keep it up!


Back in gold..back to practice..thanks for all the "parole nuove"!


Just when I start using an already brilliant service, it gets an upgrade! And for the language I'm learning :) Thanks guys!


Why would you take lessons away from learners? Even if it is irrelevant someone will still find it useful. If anything put it back somewhere where it does not have to be completed to move on, it'll just be extra learning.


I appreciate any help from Duo lingo


The new tree seems to be mis-labelled as it still shows 'subj plu' for the skill containing lessons on the subjunctive perfect - or am I misunderstanding something?


This has been fixed, thanks for your feedback!


In an attempt to revive an old discussion, Could you please bring back the Congiuntivo Trapassato ;) - I fully understand that it's not a very common tense, but us serious learners would greatly benefit from it :)


That was a surprise!


Thank you very much for the extra lessons! I'll set to work straight away :)


I do like going back on acquired skills. All of a sudden, it seems easy. Love your changes.

[deactivated user]

    In terms of topics we've lost 3, there used to be 69 topic sections in the tree now theres only 66, :(


    The stuff was just merged. It doesn't matter that there are less topics now. It's all still there.


    Wow! more words and phrases to learn.


    Very nice, thank you !


    Fantastic, really enjoying the whole experience. It is like a really addictive game :)


    good work ... really it's awesome work thanks a lot
    those lessons help me .... it's affect on my Italian language positively

    later .... i'll continue standing Italian again in the Egyptian Italian cultural center ... i hope those lessons add to me a lot



    Hey there! How are you people? Italian rocks :)


    Mi piace molto Duolingo! Grazie mille!


    All my beautiful gold is gone :( the new tree is really pushing me to do more lessons to get the gold back :D


    i wish you'd left the imperfect subjunctive in!


    The imperfect subjunctive is still there. It's rough.


    The skill removed was the pluperfect subjunctive (or past perfect subjunctive).


    Awesome! Even MORE Italian for free! Thank you Duolingo, you rock!


    Can you tell if the new Spanish design and skill tree be available for all users any time soon ?


    Grazie mille duolingo! :)


    Thanks for the update. When the Spanish tree was last updated, there was talk of "re-opening" the shortcuts so that the lessons distributed throughout a section of the tree (especially the early parts) don't have to be done individually (and could be done ideally all at once with one test at the end). Could this still be implemented?


    This is being worked on :)


    Great, thanks!


    Good thing I'm only level 7! ;) I won't notice the differences, but they sound good to me!


    I am tired of losing hearts just because I used an apostrophe for words like aren't instead of are not. Similarly, losing hearts because I used an English word for caramelle,( sweets not candies) biscotti ( biscuits not cookies) grrrrrrrrr...... It's driving me crazy!!!!


    please tell me the last update to the italian tree wasnt SEVEN years ago....


    oh great, more for me to do :D


    This new "tree" is terrible! Not an improvement at all.


    Took a summer hiatus - glad to see there are more words once might use. Practically starting over. I wonder if there's still an ant in the sugar.


    Where are the speaking exercises? I'm not learning this language by typing it!


    Biscotti and biscuits both mean twice cooked and one should therefore be the translation of the other. Cookies are squishy, barely cooked over sweet American junk food.

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