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"Kunstneren har reduceret mængden af farver."

Translation:The artist has reduced the amount of colors.

February 4, 2015



Is the Danish in fact correct? As an English speaker, I would have expected to see either "antallet af farver" or "mængden af farve". (I agree with the other commenters that the English sentence is not quite right.)


The English translation is wrong - it should be 'amount of colour' or 'number of colours'


Please report mistakes in the sentence. The sentence discussions are for asking and answerings questions about the language in the sentences.


OK I take your point. The problem I have is that I saw the English translation and thought 'is it just me?' I came to the discussion to see what other people think. I'd like to be able to report the mistake but there's no way for me to do it now is there? I can't go back to the question.


The problem with reporting it here are that Duo does not read these sentence discussions, so reporting here does not lead to a solution. And it takes up space from the main purpose of the discussion and is thus most likely just going to be deleted.

I've checked though, and the right combination of amount/numbers of colour/colours are added as alternatives, soat least they should not fail you if you write it.


OK I understand. When I want to report that the translation is wrong, what should I choose? 'My answer shouldn't be accepted' or 'something else'? Is there a way that I can suggest what (I think) the translation should be?


I just tested in my french course.
If I write a sentence that is accepted, then I get the option to say that "My answer shouldn't be accepted." And if my answer is not already accepted I get the option "My answer should be accepted." So it depends on what you are writing, or what you want Duo to change.

Since you say that the English translation being presented as correct is wrong, then I would go with the "My answer shouldn't be accepted." option. I know that the reporting system is limited in the way that you can't offer up an explanation. But if I was the contributor reading the reports that report would definitely give me pause because they are rare compared to "my answer should be accepted".

And, because I know having to write bad sentences to pass the test is frustrating, I would also advice patience. Duo is undergoing a transition from volunteering contributors to hired contributors (for the lack of a better word) and everything is up in the air. Depending on what the focus will be for the Danish course, there is a chance that it will take time for a change to happen. As a member of the volunteering contributor team we made a choice to spend our energy on building a new course rather than trying to fix the current one. The new team might prioritize the same way.

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