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Am I the only one?

When I click "Strengthen my skills" its supposed to do what it says no? However I keep getting the same words over and over. I understand that its still in BETA so I would like to report this. The practice lessons do strengthen my skills but they repeat so many questions. I have only gotten a total of about 11 different questions. It might just be me or maybe not. Just thought I'd mention it

February 4, 2015



That happens to everyone. Instead, I start my sessions by strengthening the individual lessons that aren't golden. Those tend to give a good mix.


See atm all of mine are golden. I just want to have a practice test kind of thing that includes every lesson I have already learned. I have tried the 25lingot quiz but it includes lessons I haven't reached yet.

[deactivated user]

    I don't think this is a problem of the Swedish course in particular since I’ve encountered this phenomenon in practically all the courses. Irish only chose the words from the first five units (when I was just passed the first short cut), back when I was focussing on Spanish there were still words I’d last seen over a year ago in Spanish, even though all my skills had been golden for a month and I’d strengthened skills every day, and now whenever I choose to strengthen my skills in Swedish (having finished the tree) ‘a family’ (the exercise with picture) pops up every single time. I think soon I’ll forget the correct spelling having been forced to write it too many times ;).

    The word selection really is bad though. I can strengthen skills in Swedish as much as I like, I never get the message 'you strengthened skill x' anymore, even though the latter half of my tree is any color but gold.

    So, if I were you I’d move through skills, redoing lessons with words you don’t know or just practicing the entire skill. If you seem to know all words just start learning the next skill, it tends to ‘shake up’ the word selection algorithm a bit (it did for Irish at least).

    The lingot quiz is meant to measure your progress so of course it includes lessons you haven't learned yet, how else would you know you'd learned something ;)


    Good point on that last part

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