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"She returned with money and a new boyfriend."

Translation:D'fhill sí le airgead agus buachaill nua.

February 4, 2015



Should this be le hairgead?


In Munster and Ulster, yes.
In Connacht le doesn't cause h-prothesis.


Another question on this sentence....should the 'le' be repeated with the 'new boyfriend' phrase.


Browsing through the FGB entries for le, I’ve seen examples of both a single le (e.g. Tá siad chomh mór le chéile le gearrán bán agus coca féir, “They’re as thick as thieves”) and of le being repeated (e.g. Tá sé le buile agus le báiní, “He is beside himself with fury”) , so it might come down to a personal choice — after all, one could say “She returned with money and with a new boyfriend” in English also.

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