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"It is a wall."

Translation:Es una pared.

5 years ago


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How you feel and where you are, is when one uses Estar. Who you are and where you're from, is when you use the other one (ser). A little ditty that helps me! ;-)

4 years ago


Why not muro? Difference between pared and muro?

4 years ago


There is a (seemingly) credible explanation here: http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=1505515

4 years ago


Ah, thank you! So... From a more technical point of view and to be precise: "Muro" is a thick wall that has bearing or retaining capacity either belonging to a building structure or isolated but always of some importance. "Pared" is, so to speak, a minor wall in terms of importance, usually for divisions between rooms, with no bearing or retaining capacity therefore its thickness is not as wide as in the muro's case.

4 years ago


This makes sense except for the fact that there is no context in the question that distinguishes the two. Perhaps an image with the translation request for the ones that have two words that appear to mean the same thing - would be better for learning purposes.

2 years ago


why una instead of " es un pared"?

1 year ago


Who decided that a wall has gender, if all inanimate objects were gender neutral it would be so much easier, just a thought that's all.

5 months ago


Does anyone have good advice how to remember Pared? I just am not associating Pared with wall :(

4 years ago


Walls are parallel also paired (usually). Thats the memory devise I use for "pared."

10 months ago


I could have sworn it was el pared in other questions and all of a sudden it's feminine????

4 months ago