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I have been doing great for the entire section but when i get to Eclipsis, i fail horribly.Its like im de-coding a message because all the words are mixed up....please help me...PLEASE!!!!!!!

February 4, 2015



If it makes you feel any better I have been having a hell of a time with this myself. Go into the notes for the lesson and take note of when eclipses occurs..... Just keep going over it, it eventually starts to sink in, I find the trouble for me is, trying to remember all the circumstances in which its used.... I have spoken to some native speakers and their advice is to not stress yourself too greatly over eclipses and lenition just yet.... It does fall into place eventually. Here is an example of an eclipsis..... Ta siad ar an gcapall, which is They are on the horse..... Prepositions such as "on the" cause an eclipses just as one example.... Do make sure to look through the lesson notes, if you don't do that you won't grasp what is going on in the slightest as you need to know when it is that you must use eclipses. Don't worry I have a general idea but I'm still trying to drum the same thing into my head so that I remember.


Here are a few of the situations in which eclipsis occurs:

Present tense question: An ndúnann tú? - Do you close?

Future tense question: An ndúnfaidh tú? - Will you close?

Conditional tense question: An dtiocfá? - Would you come?

Past Imperfect tense question: An dtagtá? - Did you use to come?

Preposition "i" (in): i mBaile Átha Cliath - in Dublin

Preposition "ag an" (at the): ag an gcóisir - at the party

Preposition "ar an" (on the): ar an gcathaoir - on the chair

Preposition "as an" (out of the): as an mbosca - out of the box

Preposition "chuig an" (towards the): chuig an bhfear - towards the man

Preposition "faoin" (under the): faoin mbord - under the table

Preposition "leis an" (with the): leis an dteach - with the house

Preposition "ón" (from the): ón bhforaois - from the forest

Preposition "riomh an" (before/in front of the): riomh an dtimpiste - before the accident

Preposition "thar an" (over the): - thar an gceann - over the head

Preposition "tríd an" (through the): tríd an ndeatach - through the smoke

A mnemonic to remember which letters take eclipsis:

My Brother

Got Caught

Not Doing

Dishes Tonight.

Nobody Gets

Blueberry Pie

Before He Finishes.

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