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  5. "The dog ate my homework."

"The dog ate my homework."

Translation:Hunden åt upp mina läxor.

February 4, 2015



Now I am fully equipped to deal with any situation I need to in Swedish


Why "åt upp" and not just only "åt"?


They are both okay. I think åt upp is used to indicate when something is completely eaten, which is probably implied when you use this sentence


What is wrong with "Hunden åt min läxor"..? Läxor was given in the hint as a translation for homework, but the correct translation given after my answer was marked wrong was "Hunden åt min läxa"...


The possessive pronoun has to agree in number. So it has to be "min läxa" OR "mina läxor", but never "min läxor".


When would you use the plural form as opposed to the singular form, since this is usually an excuse given to a teacher about a given assignment?


There was a suggestion with the word "hemläxa". It was the first time I've encountered it though doing the middle of the 5th level of the skill. Why is the word so stealthy? What are the tips for using it?


Hej! What is the difference between "åt" and "åt upp"? Thanks in advance :)

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