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Is it possible to view which sentences that I translated were upvoted? And Who upvoted them?

I can only check HOW MANY of my translation were upvoted, and not which ones :(

May 7, 2012



You can find some of these in your stream. But as far as I know, there is no other method to see all of them listed chronologically.


This would be a great way to learn because you could see what kind of mistakes you have made and other people's suggestions for correcting them. That is if you could see your badly rated ones also.


The site is definitely still in beta and there are a lot of things to improve but I'm expecting it to be great and am already having fun with it.


Jsbender - that was exactly what I thought when I saw that some of my sentences were upvoted :) However, contrary to what tolstoyevski claims, I haven't got even a single note in my stream about my translations getting upvoted, even though my statistics page clearly states that it happened more than once. I suppose I don't quite get this site yet.

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