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  5. "The woman has lunch."

"The woman has lunch."

Translation:La donna pranza.

August 9, 2013



Pranza is a form of Pranzare, to have lunch. Lunch is Pranzo.


why is this not "la donna ha pranza" versus "la donna pranza" why is the he/she has dropped?


In addition to what viaggiatore said, "ha" meaning to have is talking about literally possessing something. So if you wanted to interpret this as the woman physically has lunch in her hands, instead of the womans eats lunch, it would be "la donna ha pranzo". [Not pranzo instead of pranza, as pranza is a verb, and pranzo is the word for lunch]


Why is "La donna ha pranzo" incorrect? Duo Lingo said the correct answer was "La donna ha il pranzo."

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