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Decay gone crazy?

Is it just me or has anyone else had this experience. I am pretty careful to go back and fix any decaying lessons immediately when I spot them. I use Duolingo to do new lessons 5 days a week, and I go back to decaying lessons most days so I have a "clean slate". Every few weeks I check Vocabulary and fix any words that are down to one bar.

But this week DECAY WENT CRAZY. All of a sudden, half the lessons I have previously done need revising. I might have skipped one day of my usual 5 per week, so it isn't like I left it for a long period. Is this the same for anyone else?

August 9, 2013



Well you should check the other discussions. There have been reports similar to what you have and it seems to be a bug.


Ah ok, I had a brief look at topic headings and did not see anything, will look at them again. Yes, a bug makes sense, I didn't think I needed to go back to "chocolate cream" land so vigorously lol.


My understanding was that the decay is not due to a bug. Rather a bug kept words from decaying as intended and so fixing the bug caused a sudden decay (for some users more than others).


Hey I think I know what happened now. They made a heap of changes to the Italian stream just now - and as a result warned that the system might then ask us to "revise" some earlier lessons that were changed. There is a discussion thread about this event. Unfortunately, it seems this means that I have now got dozens and dozens of lessons that need review. Sure, it will consolidate stuff, but it is a bit overwhelming when I have been so diligent keeping it from decaying.


It is actually a combination of the two - the change to the decay algorithm across all languages a few days ago and now the updates to the Italian tree. Tatou explained on another thread that the changes would hit those who had been keeping their trees gold (like you and me) particularly hard. And yes, it is a bit overwhelming, but it really won't take all that long to work through!


I'm not even half way thru catching up - but thanks for the explanation - and good luck with getting back to the "perfect tree" fellow traveller!!

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