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Find out when I started

I've done a few searches, but couldn't find the answer. Is there a way to find out when you started learning a language?


February 5, 2015



Oh, a language. This just shows when you started Duolingo.


No, I don't think so. I time it with my streak so that I know the exact amount of days.

You COULD technically go to your profile and scroll down for like 5 minutes and find the "Raekor has learned a Swedish Skill: Basics" things. That would give you the date I believe, and if not, it'll give you a general area to where you can look around at the other things you did at that time and be able to somehow determine an exact/general date from that.


I guess I will just take the date the beta started, which from the wiki was the 17th of November. The reason I was asking is I just don't feel like I am getting very far.


Every one learns at different speeds, it's better to learn things slowly and learn them well than really quick and forget it all. You're probably doing better than you think!

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