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How often do you practice?

Title explains all. How often do you practice?

I do it 3x a day - morning, afternoon, and night. I do a new lesson and 3 reviews in the morning and afternoons. In the evening, I review. THis amounts to 2 new lessons a day.

August 9, 2013



Well when you first started, didn't you ask how much times you should practice a day? Why do you want to know how much other people practice? I think how much you practice is enough. Anyways, I am juggling French, Spanish and Italian so I have less time for my French so I do probably 2-3 lessons a day and a few reviews.


I've got a pretty busy schedule so I only average about once a day for a couple of hours. I do not do a regimented practice like ecportugal, rather I just roll with it and let my mind absorb what it wants. Some nights I just do a general practice and review, other nights when my mind is more focused I will concentrate on new lessons and concepts. This works well for me, not to mention it feels less like a chore and keeps me interested.


Very hard for me to practice consistently online with my job. I usually practice 3-4 times a week, often for an hour or so at a time. Generally I try to mix this practice up with 30-45 minutes of reading/writing practice on Duolingo and 15-30 minutes of listening/speaking practice with my friends, or via Spanish podcasts.

I am especially fortunate that I work in a very multilingual environment, where I have access to native Spanish speakers. Many of my friends from work know that I'm trying to learn Spanish, and so write emails and address me in Spanish unless we're working on something time-critical.

My experience learning German was that: practicing is important, but using the language with a native speaker and hearing the language spoken by native speakers will improve your abilities much faster. Also, varying the type of input worked quite well for me.


20 minutes a day with each language.

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