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"De mannen eten droge boterhammen."

Translation:The men eat dry sandwiches.

3 years ago



Is this the difference between plural and singular? Droog (sing.) and droge (pl.)?

3 years ago


That link is really helpful, but I think my brain is fried. I didn't see why it's droge and not droog here. Can someone point out the specific rule on this word, please?

3 years ago


Because boterhammen has an article "de", you should use "droge". "Droog" in similar context would be used with "het" words.

3 years ago


But boterhammen doesn't have an article, it's the first noun in the sentence that has

2 years ago


i think yurimelnyk means that if the word's article is de like it's de boterham not het boterham

1 year ago


Plural nouns will always add +e to the adjective that precedes them

1 year ago