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  5. "He lost his religion."

"He lost his religion."

Translation:Chaill sé a reiligiún.

February 5, 2015



Is that him in the corner? Is that him in the spotlight?


Mícheál Ó Stipe is ainm dom.


Ta "creideamh" i gceart freisin


I would say it'd be preferable, even. The other sentence just seems very...direct from English, whereas the original sentence is just "He lost his faith".


A chreideamh has to be right, surely? You can't mislay a religion, but you can certainly lose faith.


I disagree with everyone here saying you can't lose religion. I did exactly that. I was very religious growing up but became very disenchanted with all of the hypocritical crap that comes with it as part of the dogma. I'm still very much a spiritual person, so I have not lost my faith, but I have absolutely lost my religion (on purpose).

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