Translation:Var som helst

February 5, 2015



So, we've got "när som helst" which means "at any time" and "var som helst" which means "anywhere". Does this extend to the other question words? "hur som helst" as "in any way", "varför som helst" as "for any reason"? Vem som helst? Vad som helst? Vilken som helst? Or am I extrapolating too far?


It works for all of them except for varför.


What is the difference between "var som helst" and "någonstans"?


If I'm not mistaken, någonstans means somewhere.


Can they not be written together as 'varsomhelst' ?


Seeing as in Swedish we have the distinction between position and movement in adverbs of place, I'm wondering whether var som helst means to anywhere or at anywhere or both.

For example, could you say "Jag följer med dig var som helst." and also "Jag vill vara var som helst utan här."


I would assume it mirrors the implications of the question word because the ‘‘X som helst’ construct appears to work with any question word except varför.

However, I cannot myself recall if ‘var’ implies just location, just direction, or both.


Ooh, I think I've got it! Isn't there vart for movement? Maybe you're able to ask Vart ska vi åka? and you can answer Vart som helst.

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