Can anybody provide a definitive answer on how to pronounce "och"?

I have heard it pronounced so many different ways... the voice here gives it a sort of breathy "ooh" sound, but listening to Swedish music has given it some peculiar twists, like the rounded "O" sound from Kent and the "wee" sound from Veronica Maggio, and even Forvo has a pronunciation that sounds like "ott".

Is it an accent thing? If so, which is the "proper" Swedish way of saying it? And do you personally have a different way of saying it?

Tack så mycket!

February 5, 2015


The /k/ part ('ch') is silent, unless the word is very emphasised. Thus, the pronunciation is /ɔ/.

You can listen to Hashmush's recordings:
Kniven är mellan gaffeln och glaset
Det är inte antingen eller, det är både och.

In the last sentence, "och" is stressed and you can hear the k-sound.

I also have noticed that "och" is pronounced in many different ways, I have heard "åk", "o" and "å".

From what I know, the usual pronunciation ignores the "k" sound, so it's pronounced like a vocal, something like "å" or "o".

"wee" sound from Veronica Maggio

Mind giving us the song and line? I haven't noticed it.

Jag Kommer:

1:38 - "Du och jag nu" (according to multiple lyric sources) hits my ears as "do wee are nu".

Obviously, lets not discount the fact I might be an idiot. xD

The stress is "DU och jag NU". Since neither "och" nor "jag" is stressed we hear: "Du! o ja nu!" with "o" pronounced as /ɔ/ (like Zmrzlina said above).

Long u is pronounced with a weak off-glide /w/ (somewhat simplified). Meaning that the "w" that you hear actually belongs to <du> and not to <och>.

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