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"It is her whose hat is yellow."

Translation:Det er hende hvis hat er gul.

February 5, 2015



Jeg tror at "It is she..." er rigtig engelsk.


Would it be incorrect to say "Det er hun som har den gule hat"? or I need to use "hende" here s well?


I think that Det is the direct object here, and therefore it would be hende, an indirect object pronoun. I imagine the phrase, It was/is her, in English, or, It is me.


"It is she", and "it is I" is correct English, but most people say "it is her" and "it is me". It reminds of a joke my English teacher used to tell: A man, who just passed away, knocked on the door of the pearly gates of heaven to be let in. St. Peter asks: "Who is it?". The man answers: "It is I", whereupon St. Peter says: "Ugh, another bloody schoolmaster!"


A very easy two lingots! :D

Next two should be fairly easy as well.

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