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"The girls are playing soccer."

Translation:Tjejerna spelar fotboll.

February 5, 2015



why isn't LEKER a good choice?


Going off of what Lundgren8 said, the way I had explained is that "leker" is used for games that don't really have rules or structure - i.e. playing dress-up or the way animals play with each other. "spelar" implies something that is more formalized and has some order to it.


That’s for playing child’s games, like hide-and-seek or similar. It’s not used with e.g. sports or instruments.


Any difference between "tjejerna" and "flickorna"?


You wouldn't use tjej in formal text. And while tjej can be used colloquially by a person of any age, just like "girl" in English, a flicka is always a (female) child.


Tack! Haven't got this far yet, but I was wondering the same thing when I came across the word outside of Duo

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