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Is there a place to give feedback on new features?

Recently I've seen "You've done better than 26% of people in this lesson" at the end of a lesson and I want to give feedback on it.

I don't want to compare my progress to other people's and I don't see a way to tell the Duolingo team about this.

February 5, 2015


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The Duolingo does various A/B tests and generally uses more objective data to determine what to keep and lose. I agree with you on this one, though. There has already been some uproar about this particular feature, too, and hopefully it will fail their tests.


I understand that part, but I don't understand what they could measure to see if people like it. It's not like measuring button clicks or mouse pauses. Do people not do another lesson when they see it? Do they leave the site? Do they immediately go to the forums or to Twitter to express their rage?

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Mostly their metrics seem to do with returning users and how much the users do when they do come back, I think. Though uproar on the forum could also affect their decision, presumably, unless it directly contradicts their metrics (e.g. with the coach).

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