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"I like it the most in open landscapes."

Translation:Jag trivs bäst i öppna landskap.

February 5, 2015



What's wrong with "jag tycker om det mest i öppna landskaper"?


Swedish prefers to put qualifiers in-between the words in a verb that consists of multiple parts. So it would need to be jag tycker mest om det. But tycka om det i isn't an idiomatic Swedish expression. Also, the plural of landskap is still landskap.


What would be best in this case? Tycker mest i om det?


No, the trivs bäst i in the example is far better.


Får man säga såväl "jag trivs mest" som "jag trivs bäst"?


Båda fungerar absolut, dock så använder jag personligen "jag trivs bäst" oftare. (Both definitely works, though I personally use "jag trivs bäst" more often).


I must have missed ‘trivs bäst i.’ What does it mean/how is it used?


trivas means to enjoy being someplace, as in jag trivs här = I like it here.


Thanks again! Wish I could reciprocate somehow!


Jag gillar det mest... wasn't accepted but I'm not sure exactly why...


It's just not an idiomatic phrasing, I'm afraid.


Best and the most are only vaguely equivalent in English which makes this a challenging sentence to translate correctly.


I went with "jag trivs det mest i oppna landskap", could mest not be used here? I thought it meant the most?


Varför kan inte man säga "jag älskar"?


älska is "love".


Kan man inte säga "Jag tycker bäst om öppna landskap?" Har aldrig hört sången. Och ordet "trivs" betyder mer än bara "like", eller hur?


That's "I like open landscapes the most", so there's a difference between that and preferring to be in open landscapes.


I can't imagine any native English speaker ever saying "I like it the most in open landscapes." Sounds very awkward. I would say something like "I prefer to be in open landscapes" or "I am most comfortable in open landscapes", or even "I am happiest in open landscapes."


I absolutely agree. The thing is, though, that trivas is a common word in Swedish which doesn't have a direct equivalent in English. So if we put any of your suggestions, which are all good ones, the most direct translation would be something else. Hence, we need to sacrifice idiomatics for teachability here. It's hardly optimal, though, and we accept a lot more variations when translating from Swedish to English.


Why isn't it landskapen?


It's ett landskap so landskapen is the plural form, meaning 'the landscapes'.
ett landskap 'a landscape'
landskapet 'the landscape'
landskap 'landscapes'
landskapen 'the landscapes'


I wonder if English sentence has two possible meanings: One that one likes best to be in open landscapes, the other that for example there is a style of garden and I like it the most when it is located in open landscapes. If yes would the second meaning translate to something else than Jag trivs...

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