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German swear words?

Are you interested in learning German swear words or would you rather not come across any explicit language?

I am building a free German learning website (www.lingojam.co) and we just launched a phrase pack containing German insults and cuss words that I would like to get your opinion on.

Is this useful or disgusting (Warning: Explicit language)? http://www.lingojam.co/1on1s/cursing-and-slang/basic-insults

February 5, 2015



I think it's always good to have an idea that someone uses bad language. There is nothing worse than people saying something to you in a a foreign language and you can only smile because you have no idea that they are mocking you.

So yes, even if you don't actually plan to use them yourself, it's good to have a rough idea what some sentences mean.

For added fun, this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2a-pLUDekc


ich finde so etwas ganz furchbar!


Thanks, for your feedback. If most people do not like it we will not produce more "dirty language" lessons.


I think it's a fun thing, but not essential. As the duolingo guidelines say, perhaps its even more fun to learn these words "in the wild".


I'd agree, not really necessary, could be learned elsewhere, but useful. I find keeping up with slang foul language useful for understanding what is disgusting to a culture and what to say when being nice to someone bothersome does not get them to go away.


It is extremely useful in my opinion. My guess is this will have more practical use to me than about a third of the words in "Business 2".


I think it is a brilliant idea. No one can guarantee that we will always be in secure and welcoming environments while we are in a foreign country. In fact swearing may come in handy to scare off a punk in case we encounter one.


I needed this when I was living in Germany! When you have to adapt to a new culture there is a massive need to vent your frustrations (even if its only to yourself) and swearing often provides an excellent way to do this ;).


Thanks. I never looked at it that way :)


That is awesome. Have a few lingots.


First of all, you're doing an amazing job on the site! And, from my point of view, it's definitely useful. Even if you don't plan on using the words, being able to recognize them is always practical. Not to mention how easy it is to learn swear words in contrast to the rest of the language (or... is it just me...)


I am taking a break from German at the moment, but I saved the page for later reference. I personally think it is important to learn swear words/slag. I had a class the other day, and this is a professional program, and one of the first things we did was make a list, as a class, on the blackboard of slang terms, under the proper medical terms for the male and female reproductive systems. There were quite a few I was not aware of, and some really funny ones, as well, but it is something necessary to know. Regional variations regarding swear words are also important, which probably isn't as dramatic in German as it is in Spanish, but some common words in one place can be highly offensive in another.


I say go for it. I don't swear very often but I wouldn't want to stop other people from being able to and I'm sure if you ever speak to natives/watch a movie you'll learn some anyway.

I watched Top of the Lake in German a while ago and it surprised me how easily I picked up on the swearing. I now know far too many ways to insult someone or accuse them of murder in a foreign language.


Hahaha :) Danke. Curious to hear more people on this one.


Entertaining, instructive, and the voice is hilarious! Even someone who never intends to swear might find it useful to know when they're being sworn at. The title "basic insults" gives me hope that we can look forward to "advanced insults" at some stage :-).


Haha, thanks. We are still trying to figure out whether people like or hate this stuff. If they hate it a lot they might need some swear words to express that :)


Listen to German rap and read the translations. You'll pick up quite a bit.


I think it's a great idea! Usually I only get those words from subtitles during movies (and I must say I usually make a point of jotting them down for possible future reference). With an adequate heads-up warning as you provide, people who don't like those words will be warned that they should look for new vocabulary elsewhere.


wow! your site looks awesome!


It's useful for understanding films. I probably wouldn't personally sit down to a lesson on swears, but I do appreciate the ones I picked up from my environment. German is a super language for swearing in.


I don't like it, having lived in Turkey and Cuba and knowing some slang that some find funny and offends the hell out of other people isn't the way to make friends and enjoy speaking another language. Just my opinion..


Do you remember any Turkish swearing? :)


I know some swearing from other friends learning it, but never use it and try to avoid it. I swear loads in English, but i am English and know the culture entirely.


It is true that sometimes students fixate on offensive phrases, and they shouldn't. I've seen English-speaking adults become puerile when they discover "Doch!"


Essential listening. And fun. Like it or not, swearing seems to be a part of all(?) languages and cultures. Potentially rich, diverse and evolving - like the rest of the language. Why would I intentionally not learn part of a language and culture? And the warning is there for the censors. You ticked all the boxes SuperDH. (ps I loved pont's comment)


new on this site, seems ok.


This is hilarious! Good job!


Ich finde das ziemlich lustig! Praktisch haha!


I'd say yes, as an opt-in. Don't make it necessary to advance on the tree, though.


Why is"Wer zuletzt lacht lacht am besten" in this list? it isn't really an insult


You are right. We were gradually taking out the really mean stuff to a point where not all phrases are insults anymore ;) The phrase could be used in a heated argument, though.


Haha, dass hier ist sehr witzig! Hat mich vieler SpaƟ gemacht. Bitte nehmen Sie ein Lingot.


cool, I am favoring this.


It seems like that should be a purchasable bonus skill here. Just so you know what they are saying, of course. ;-)


Honestly, my main reason for wanting to know German swearwords wouldn't be for any practical reason like knowing when I'm being sworn at, but so that when I mess up during my German lesson I can curse under my breath lol.


No sorry, I am not interested. But nice that you asked.


I found the voice so grating that I had to leave the site.


Translations to English would be helpful.


There are translations - just hover over the text. You can select the translation language in the bottom left.


maybe but, there are littler children learning German and do you want to be the cause of a little 4 year old kid saying kuss meinein arsch to his/her parents?


I wish this was an optional subject at Duolingo. I sure would like to know if a native was cussing me out (and once did experience that on a game without knowing what the other said to me)

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