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"Un outil"

Translation:A tool

February 5, 2015



Is "tool" used as an insult in French? "Il est un outil"


No. but "Mon oncle est une machine, il peut travailler pendant des heures sans s'arrĂȘter" it's not an insult that mean " my uncle is a machine he can work during hours without stop"

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I can't speak to the reference about it being an insult, but either way, it would be "c'est un outil", not "il est". But you probably have mastered that now.


I am beginning to think I will never 'master' that aspect of french... :-(

I'll know 2,000 words, be reasonably fluent in conversation, understand the past, present and future tenses, even be able to decipher the two voices Duolingo uses but I'll still be screwing up c'est vs il est on a regular basis!

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Hahahaha. You have a very healthy perspective about it. I will never in a million years be mistaken for a francophone, but I still have fun chatting with locals while sitting on a park bench in the Bois de Boulogne. Ahhh, Paris! Bon courage, Nicola !


Juste for fun,even some french people make the mistake. See the french comment about these sentences for french who learn english


I remember 'outil' by thinking of it as 'useful' like the Spanish 'Ăștil'. Tools are useful... so a tool is 'outil'


could this also be a utensil?


Yes and no, it's not exactly the same thing. By the way utensil in french is ustensile.


A tool is a synonym to utensil, so both should be correct


A tool is not used in exactly the same way as a utensil but given that this section is about household (particularly kitchen related) items I think "utensil" is a more likely translation.


What is with the gibberish as a multiple choice selection? Or does "sb" mean something in French besides antimony?

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When you see "sb" on Duolingo, it is an abbreviation for "somebody"; "sth" = something; qqch = something, qqn = somebody.


can it be an instrument?


Sometimes yes. The primaire meaning is an object for working. A hamer a screw... After the electronic object are some tools too (calculator, computer, appliance or measurement). And even software can be a tool. But a guitar is an instrument but not a toul.


Is outil an exception to the crfl exception?


I think the "l" is not pronounced, am I right?

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