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Ideas for encouraging people to translate more.

  • Duolingo could show web page movies that depict a properly rendered evolving web page as its sentences are translated and retranslated one by one along with the user/bot behind each translation.

  • Duolingo could show a real-time display of translations as they occur — one sentence at a time no matter from which web page it comes from; it could also show statistics including the translation rate for the last hour or so.

  • Duolingo could notify you by email when someone rates one of your translations. A daily summary email could show you all ratings done in that day.

  • Once you translate a sentence, Duolingo could immediately show you other translations that you could rate if you want to (without requiring you to request this).

  • Instead of having to open a separate tab/window to view the web page, Duolingo could have a translation UI that includes a rendering of the web page along with WYSIWYG editing on that page.

May 7, 2012



Thanks for the great list, I add these:

  • Give a wider selection of topics for translations so that people can translate text that is interesting for them.

  • Make it easy to read the full text with all sentences when translated, possibly in a version made up from your sentences and a version with the best sentences.

  • Give credit (skill points) and feedback for accepted edits


I think that all those ideas are great! Doulingo could also introduce more achievements/badges into the system. This way, it would be possible to organize themed translation days, like Easter day (translating, say, 15 sentences about Easter earns you a badge) or Music, Popculture, Literature days - there are many possibilities! Or the website sould introduce a ranking of not only most active translators but also of the most accurate/best translators.


@Allataria The ability to see the whole text translated was possible in the prevous version of the translation app. It would be good to bring that back.

@Geneze I love the badge idea! Like boy/girl scouts. :D


Duolingo could offer profession based rubrics for the translations. I could for example in this way specialize on the vocabulary that I need as an engineer.

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