"Mannen har en grön hatt."

Translation:The man has a green hat.

February 5, 2015

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Are you implying I'm a man? 8{


I can't help but also think of Link, and Luigi... I wonder how you would say "Hero of Time" in Swedish? Or "underappreciated understudy"?


"Hero of Time" would be "Tidens hjälte" (literally "Time's hero") while "Underappreciated understudy" would be, according to my online dictionary, something like "Ouppskattad/underskattad ersättare". The first words technically mean "unappreciated" and "underestimated" respectively, but I couldn't really come up with a 100% accurate translation for "underappreciated" off the top of my head.


No, obviously a leprechaun!


I find it interesting how some sentences in Swedish, like this one, sound very similar spoken aloud to their English equivalent, enough so that even someone who hasn't studied Swedish might guess the meaning correctly. Green, shirt, man, mouse, milk, are... so many words that are so similar, it's fascinating!


i learn German in school and swedish is even more simular to german than english ! almost all of the colors are practically the same


Why they keep repeating the same sentence over and over again. They could use some different vocabulary. :)


Don't you ever say it to a chinrse person. XD i have been waiting for this one to show up for so lonh haha lmao


"grön" sounds like "groan"? Is it surpose to?


no it is not supposed to sound like groan


När användar has och have


"Has" is third person singular and "have" is second person and plural.


I'm living in Sweden right now and my Swedish friends have told me a hat is en mössa, and calling it an hatt is very antiquated.


I think it sort of depends on which kind of headwear you're talking about. For example a knitted hat you would call a "mössa", but say a top hat you would still call a "hatt".


The slow motion audio sound for "grön" does not sound right. It's just fine at normal speed, though. There was not other way to report the problem.


:0 what are you impling sir?


So, duo, I have started to notice a bit of a problem with your system. For some reason my answers are consistently getting away with poor spelling. This is the fourth or fifth time have have noticed it, and the second or third that i have flagged it. It is not that the system is accepting answers that is the problem, it is that it is making absolutely no mention of my spelling errors far too often for my taste.

I understand not wanting to nitpick and discourage people, but i would rather have the option to tell opt out of leniency because this irks me. I intensely dislike writing like an idiot, and do not appreciate having my own poor spelling tolerated and encouraged.

Thank you for your time.


The voice doesnt say hatt, it barely vocalizes the a even. Mannen har en grön hh


Green hatt haha every wuxia novels reader will understand this

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