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"Lad mig købe frokost til dig."

Translation:Let me buy you lunch.

February 5, 2015



Imperative, eh?


I'm a bit confused aboyt the V2 situation here. Could someone explain why this sentence does not have V2 order?


This sentence is in imperative, so it drops the subject.


I translated it as "Let me buy lunch for you." Not imperative, and polite.

The traslation given, "Let me buy you lunch", I would translate as "Lad mig købe dig frokost."

Am I right, or wrong?


You're right. But to be fair, both versions should be accepted since they're fairly equivalent.
Also, every of these sentences is grammatically imperative. Note how you lose the subject.


Thanks for confirming my thoughts RyagonIV! And yes, I have seen several example here of just that, as a translation is not always literal.

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